Junior Researchers

These web pages are mostly for junior researchers (PhD students, or “Promovendi” in Dutch), though they may also be useful for their Promotors and Supervisors. They contain information on a number of topics concerning doing a PhD here.

PhD students are a key part of academic life, in Nijmegen and elsewhere. Though doing a PhD is a form of education, PhD students perform a substantial part of academic (research) work and are a vital source of fresh ideas and research capacity. They are therefore a valued and important part of iCIS.

Apart from your daily supervisor and promotor (for more on what this means, see “General Information”), iCIS assigns a member of staff the duty of PhD Coordinator. It is his or her job to keep an eye on all PhD students and help them in general matters (i.e. excluding the actual research). The current PhD coordinator is Djoerd Hiemstra. More on the role of the PhD coordinator can be found at PhD Coordinator.

If you are new at iCIS, please take the time to systematically and fully read the information provided here.