Financial Information

There are several arrangements of financial interest

  • In general, it is profitable to always register to conferences or workshops explicitly as PhD student, because usually reduction of fees applies. If needed, the local personnel department can provide a proof of PhD-studentship. Also, one can often apply for special grants for PhD students. This should always be tried.
  • NWO used to have funds for short foreign visits, but that possibility has been discontinued. There may still be possibilities for specific target areas.
  • The university provides an annual award for female PhD students in their third year, the Christine Mohrmann Stipendium (formerly known as Freye stipendium), of 5000 Euro to be spent on visiting a foreign university or research institute. Application plans should be discussed with the PhD supervisor, and are coordinated by the faculty: contact Jan Jetze Zijlstra.
  • FNWI also offers Printing Costs Reimbursement (pdf, 14 kB). This form has to be sent to Human Resources.
  • iCIS (the computer science department) has set up a financial encouragement to complete a PhD thesis within four years. This is known as the RPP, for Rappe Promotie Premie.
    • If the manuscript is approved by the promotor and submitted to the reading committee within four years and if the manuscript has been approved by the reading committee, then the PhD student receives 1500 Euro. 
      The same rules apply to a student with a part-time position (but whose main job is at this university). In special cases (e.g. long-term illness) these rules may be adapted.
    • Applications for the RPP should be sent by the promotor to the research director of iCIS.

Note that the RPP is subject to normal income tax regulations.

  • PhD student's national research school (Siks or IPA) may have special requests and/or provide specific support. Consult your supervisor/promotor.

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