Administrative information

planning_and_evaluation_phd_eng_dec_2011-3.pdf (pdf, 132 kB)General administrative information concerning a PhD position in Nijmegen

  1. PhD-students in Nijmegen are actually not students, but they are employed by the university. (Other situations are also possible, but rare: some PhD-students have their own private source of funding, or are paid by another (research) organisation or a company). For clarity, we will use the internationally accepted terminology of PhD-student, though.
  2. A PhD trajectory is 4 years. Initially one gets a 1 to 1,5 year contract; after about a year there is an evaluation to decide if the contract will be prolonged for the full 4 years.
  3. A PhD-student employed by the faculty has a 75% research task and a 25% education task. The latter consists of receiving education (following courses, summer schools etc.) and giving education (assisting in courses, doing exercise classes etc.) Giving education is a task of 10% of the total. What courses will be followed and which education will be given should all be fixed in the OBP (see below).
  4. All official rules, procedures and forms can be found (in Dutch!) here. Questions, regarding procedures, rights and duties can be addressed to the P&O department, in particular Marieke van Oostveen.

A PhD trajectory in Nijmegen involves the following administrative steps

  1. Before (or at) the start of your contract, you will have a talk with someone from the P&O department (Personal Affairs), discussing your contract.
  2. As part of your contract, you have to fill in (together with your supervisor/promotor) your Opleidings- en Begeleidingsplan (Training and Guidance Plan). In the OBP, the goals of the PhD project are described, the research and teaching duties of the PhD student and the PhD supervision (who, how often etc.) The supervisor, promotor and PhD student keep a copy of the OBP, a copy is sent to P&O, in particular Marieke van Oostveen, and a copy is sent to the PhD coordinator.
  3. Get in touch with the PhD coordinator for a first meeting.
  4. Within 8 months after the start of the contract, there will be an evaluation meeting, where a judgment should be made as to whether or not the PhD student will be able to finish the promotion. In case of a positive judgment, the contract will be prolonged to the full 4 years. In case of a negative judgment, the contract finishes after twelve months. At this evaluation meeting, also the PhD coordinator will be present.
  5. There are annual evaluation meetings, where also the OBP is discussed and amended if needed.
  6. The P&O department is responsible for prompting the supervisor and PhD student in case any of the forementioned activities is over due.


Handleiding promotieprocedure:promotiereglementoktober20071.pdf (pdf, 775 kB)
Manual doctorate procedures: doctorateregulations.pdf (pdf, 798 kB)

Planning and evaluation

Evaluatie en planning promotietraject: evaluatie_en_planning_promotietraject_fnwi_nl_dec_2011-3.pdf (pdf, 215 kB)
Planning and evaluation PhD: planning_and_evaluation_phd_eng_dec_2011-3.pdf (pdf, 132 kB)

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