General info

Information for people interested in becoming a PhD student in Nijmegen

(See also the general vacancies page of the department.)

Admission and application

Formal requirement: having a Dutch master degree or equivalent. Master degrees obtained at many universities are considered as equivalent. The Commission for Exams decides this. For candidates failing to fulfill the requirement the Commission may require that the candidate does some exams in specified topics.

PhD students have a working contract with the university as a junior reseacher. As part of this contract, the PhD candidate will have to do some teaching assistance. Alternatively, one can bring ones own support, covering living expenses. Once accepted as a PhD student, no supervision fee is required.

Candidates satisfying the formal requirement should apply directly to the responsible chair of their interest. A short CV should be included. Having a clear goal on which topic one wants to do research is appreciated. Some evidence of one's capacities will help admission.

After a thesis is written and approved by a promotor (one of the professors of the institute) the manuscript will be submitted to a manuscript committee. After approval there will be a formal defence of the thesis.

The main source of information for administrative procedures regarding the PhD trajectory is found at the Information for PhD students site from the University. Check out the PhD related affairs menu for all official information. Once admitted, the first item of interest is to write the Training and Supervision Plan (TSP) (doc, 73 kB) together with your supervisor. You should take a look at the career development options offered by the university. Finally, you may be interested in the PhD Organisation Nijmegen (PON).

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