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My Radboud account

Your Radboud account is a unique account that, in combination with your password and (sometimes) multi factor authentication, allows you to access the university's systems.

New student/employee

When you start studying or working at Radboud University you will get a Radboud account. You will receive a proposal for your Radboud-account name. At that point you can agree or change it if necessary. Preferably use your own name and not your partner's name.

Your Radboud account and your Radboud email address are the same: voornaam.achternaam@ru.nl*.

Activate your Radboud account

To activate your Radboud account you will receive an email to your external (private) email address**. This mail will explain how to activate your Radboud account. The activation code is valid for a short period of time and will be used to create your personal password.

Display of your name

Which name is visible and how do you change it?
Read: Display name and Radboud account name



Student affairs department


ICT Helpdesk
024-36 22222

Radboud account and MFA

In some cases, you use your Radboud account and password as well as Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) to access systems.

My account - transition

The university is in a state of transition so you will have multiple accounts. The video explains the transition and what you can use your Radboud account for.

Icons at login screens

You have several accounts in the transition situation. The icons on login pages indicate which account you can use to log in.

icoon_usez_mail - icon =
log in with your Radboud account

 icoon_inlog_usez =
log in with your s-, u-, e-, z-number

* Donders exception: donders.ru.nl and cpo.ru.nl continue to exist.
** Employees have made this e-mail address known to Human Resources. For students the e-mail address from Studielink is used.