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Display name and Radboud account name

Display name

Your display name is the name you have chosen to be addressed with at Radboud University (in correspondence, internal newsletters and towards external organisations such as ABP, Tax Office).

This name can differ from the name on your identity card (BRP).

Customise display name

Your display name can be changed in BASS (for staff) or OSIRIS (for students).

Radboud account name

The Radboud account name is used to log into systems and is the same as your email address.

Change Radboud account(name)

Changing your Radboud account (name) is possible in some cases but strongly discouraged. A request for adjustment can be sent to the ICT Helpdesk (024-36 22222). If your request is granted, it is necessary to inform all your contacts of your new e-mail address. It is also necessary to log in again on all devices and applications; your old log in details will no longer work.

Note: In some systems you will see your initials.