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Radboud profile in Edge

On managed Radboud (study) workstations it is possible to sign in with your Radboud account in the Edge browser.


  • Information stored in the browser, such as favourites, passwords and extensions are also available when you sign in on another device with the Edge browser.
  • Microsoft 365 web apps for employees are easier to access because you are already signed in.

Tip 1: Sign in

Logging into the Edge browser with your Radboud account at managed Radboud University workstations starts automatically. You still have to complete the login before it works.

Sometimes the login does not start automatically. If this does not happen you can log in yourself in Edge with your Radboud account as you would do on a personal device.

Tip 2: Synchronise

Set which items you want to synchronise and which you do not.

  • Click your profile icon in the top right of Edge and click Manage profile settings.
  • Then click Sync:
  • Set which items you want synchronised. History and Open tabs are off by default. The rest are on by default.

Tip 3: Merge browsing data

Choose the Merge option if you receive the following message when logging into the Edge browser:

Your last login was with **** and there may be linked browsing data from that session.

Tip 4: Separate Work and Personal profiles

In the Edge browser you can be logged in with a work profile and a personal profile at the same time. You can then easily switch from one profile to the other and keep work and personal browsing, favourites and settings separate. This also makes it easy for you to work in both the personal 365 web apps and the Radboud 365 web apps. Work and personal profiles both start their own browser session.Afbeelding7