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Securing information

Secure your files


Phishing is a form of digital swindling (via e-mail, SMS or social media). It usually involves asking for your login details, bank details or credit card information.

Always report phishing

Have you received a message and do you think it is phishing? Simply report it via the 'Report Phish' button in Outlook. In all other cases, please contact the ICT Helpdesk.

-->More about How to recognise and report phishing


Proofpoint is the anti-phishing & -spam facility used by Radboud University to combat virus, Spam and phishing attacks on Radboudmail. Proofpoint automatically scans your incoming email.

-->More about Proofpoint

Security software for free

Staff and students of Radboud University can download F-secure - internet safety software - for free via SURFspot (www.surfspot.nl, click the British flag).


Recognize Phishing in Private Email/SMS:

Check the content, sender,  links,  attachments.

Guard your privacy

Privacy & settings

Leave as few traces as possible
Safest browser settings:

  • turn off Java, Javascript and ActiveX
  • Do not enter any personal data
  • Do not accept cookies
  • regularly clear cache and search history

Keep your devices safe

Secure your password

Handle passwords carefully:

  • Choose a good one
  • don't share it with anyone
  • Change it regularly

Directly to: Everything about your RU password

Sharing a work station?