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Encrypting files

Encrypt sensitive files. Encrypted files can only be opened using a unique key (often a password). Please notice that if you loose the key (or the password) there is no way to gain access to your files again. Therefore, you might consider using a password vault.

Possibilities to encrypt files

  • Some programs have their own encryption mechanism, such as Adobe Acrobat, Word and Excel. In the help information of those programs you can find how to encrypt files.
  • The most simple way to encrypt files on desktop, USB-stick, in the department folder or in the cloud (etc.) is SafeHouseExplorer (only for Windows). This is available for free and can also be used on RU workstations (you have to install it yourself from the Software Center).
  • 7zip and AES Crypt are available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can install them for free at home, but both programs are also available on the regular RU workstations.

Encrypting your laptop

Instead of encrypting individual files or folders you can also encrypt your entire USB stick or laptop.