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Hardware for your work computer

Pc, laptop, iMac, Macbook or iPadHardware

Those who are authorised to apply can contact the ISC to order a computer, laptop, iMac, Macbook or iPad for employees within their unit. These devices are – with the exception of the iPad – equipped as standard with a certain software package and the ISC offers user support for these devices. Desktop computers can be set up in various ways, depending on the admin and support rights of the future user. You can consult the products- and services catalogue of the ISC (Dutch only) for an overview of their products and specifications.

-> User Manual RU laptop (pdf, 1,2 MB)


The operating system, browsers and other programs on your computer are given regular updates by the ISC. An overview of the service notifications and updates can be found on the technical issues and maintenance webpage one week in advance.

Printers (multifunctionals)

Radboud University always uses Konica Minolta multifunctionals, which is policy. These devices can scan, print and copy. Should you be urgently in need of a different kind of printer, then please send in a request via the products- and services catalogue.


Telephony coordinators can contact the ISC to order an IP-telephone or mobile phone for employees of their unit.


Information on ICT workstations and forms (for authorised individuals) on ICT workstations (Dutch only).