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Configuration of a (shared) mailbox on Android devices

Preliminary remark:
There are many different Android devices. Therefore, it is not possible to create a general manual for the configuration of a functional mailbox on an Android device. There are, however, a number of settings that are always required. You will find these below.
Please be aware that you can use the functional mailbox this way, but the associated calendar will not be accessible.

Note: when prompted for your password, always use the password for your U or E number!

Start by creating a new e-mail account (usually under “Settings”). Fill in the e-mail address of the functional account. You will be asked what the account type is, choose IMAP here. Then choose “Manual setup” and fill in the password for your U- or E-account. After that, enter the following information.

Information for the incoming server:

  • With the username for the incoming mail you use your full email address / the full address of the functional mailbox. For example: p.jansen@ru.nl/secretariaat-isc@ru.nl or p.jansen@ru.nl/secr@bjz.ru.nl
  • Password: the password for your U or E number.
  • Server name: mail.ru.nl
  • Additional information where needed: Port 993 – security type SSL

Details of the outgoing server:

  • Choose: “Authentication required”
  • Username: U or E number (for example: u123456)
  • SMTP server: smtp-auth.ru.nl
  • Additional information where needed: Port 587 – security type STARTTLS