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Home workstations or laptops


You can use your webmail (outlook.office.com) anywhere. Log in with your Radboud-account (firstname.lastname@ru.nl) and your password.


You can use Outlook (from an Office package) to read your email. Enter your Radboud-account (firstname.lastname@ru.nl) and password in Outlook. If you do not have Outlook on your (private) PC or laptop, you can download it for free at office.com. Log in here with the details above. You can download Microsoft365 five times on the same type of device.

You don’t have Outlook?

If you prefer to use email software other than Outlook, make sure you enter IMAP settings to be able to send and read email. In this case you will not be able to use the full capacity of your RU mail and work planner (work planner, contacts, jobs etc. will be unavailable).