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iMac or Macbook

Apple users have various options for using their RU mail and calendar, including:

  • Exchange for Apple. In Exchange you enter your Radboud-account (firstname.lastname@ru.nl) and password. If you enter this you will be directed to a Radboud page to log in. If Exchange is not on your Macbook/iMac, you can download it from office.com. Log in here using the details above. You can download Microsoft365 five times on the same type of device.
  • Webmail outlook.office.com via Firefox. Fill in your Radboud-account (firstname.lastname@ru.nl) at username.

Apple mail app for your Radboud-RadbRmail and calendar?

  1. Open the Apple Mail app;
  2. Select Mail -> Preferences;
  3. A new window will appear. Click Accounts in the top menu bar and click the + icon in the bottom left corner of your screen;
  4. Select Exchange and click Continue

Exchange Apple-mail-1

Now enter the following details:

  1. Name: Full username
  2. Radboud-account / email address: (firstname.lastname@ru.nl)
  3. Password: RU password

Click Continue.

Exchange Apple-mail-2

Fill in the following screen:

  • Description: Name for the mail account e.g. Radboud exchange
  • Username: Radboud account / email address (firstname.lastname@ru.nl)
  • Password: If the password is found to be correct, it has already been entered.

Exchange Apple-mail-3

Confirm the settings (click Continue)

Exchange Apple-mail-4

Select the options that need to be synchronised and click Done.

Exchange Apple-mail-5