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Mailing or distribution list service

RU-Exchange distribution lists

A distribution list is a mailing list that is created on our Exchange server and displayed in the Outlook address book. A distribution list can only contain addresses that exist (and are displayed) in the Outlook address book. Local administrators can add and remove members themselves. Preferably several administrators are set up for a list.

Requesting a distribution list

A distribution list can be requested by sending an email to icthelpdesk@ru.nl. This mail should contain the proposed name and who should be the administrators. There are not many naming requirements except that it should be meaningful and there should be no misunderstandings with other lists. (Examples: DMC-Event Bureau-L, ICIS Institute-L, RSC Department of Fitness-L). The name is always closed by '-L' to indicate the difference with other address book entries.

Distribution list addresses

By default, an address is created as naam@hosting.ru.nl. Addresses with @hosting.ru.nl can only be mailed from our own environment. If someone uses an external address or SMTP server to send mail to an RU list, the address will not be found and therefore cannot be delivered. This prevents outside spamming of whole groups of RU users at the same time.
There are situations in which it is important that the lists can be mailed from addresses outside our area. In this case, we can change the address to @ru.nl on request. However, this will remove the protection against spammers.

Management of distribution lists

In the transition phase to M365, the management of the lists is still in two environments.
If the administrator's personal mailbox has not yet been migrated (your personal mailbox can be reached via mail.ru.nl), log into the personal mailbox. Go to Settings and select Options. On the Groups tab you can see which lists you are the administrator of. Double-click with the left mouse button on the name of the list to get to the management settings. (See image).
If the personal mailbox of the administrator has been migrated to the cloud (your personal mailbox can be reached via Outlook.com) log on to https://mail.ru.nl/ecp. After you have logged in you have read access to all lists that are present on our server but you only have access to the list(s) you are the administrator of. You need to know the names of the lists you are administering. Double-click on the list name to display the management options (see image). (See image). Under General - Membership, you have the option of managing the list of members.

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Mailing list, mailing list for e-mail addresses inside and outside the RU:

If you need a list that is more focused on mailings and needs to contain members from both inside and outside Radboud University then you can request a mailing list. This list has options such as the automatic archiving of messages or to send all messages in a group discussion once a day as 'digest'? The maintenance of a mailing list is entirely up to you and requires a bit more knowledge. The support on a mailing list is minimal. You can request a mailing list using the web form 'Request mailing list' in Topdesk. This can be done from a RU workplace or from home with an eduVPN connection.