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Adding another user's folder, calender or mailbox (Outlook)

If you have been authorised to use another user’s folder, calendar or entire mailbox (or a functional mailbox), the shared item will usually appear automatically on your screen if you open your own calendar or mailbox. If more specific authorisations have been given, sometimes you may need to manually add the item on your screen.

Do you feel that you have received too many permissions from your colleague? Ask if he/she can change the permissions.


Adding another user’s calendar

If you wish to add a calendar, click “Open calendar” on the ribbon.


Adding another user’s contacts

Go to Contacts (How do I find “Contacts”?). To add another user’s contacts, click “Open shared contacts” in the ribbon.


Adding another user’s folders

To add another user’s folder (a folder in the sections Calendar, Contacts, Log, Notes, Inbox or Tasks), consecutively select: File > Open & Export > Open User’s Folder


Adding another user’s mailbox

To add a complete mailbox, select (in the Outlook section E-mail) File > Info > Account settings. Select your current mailbox and click Change > More settings > Advanced > Add.