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Share e-mail or contacts (Outlook)

Before your mailbox or contact person shares, make sure that no confidential information has been included. This can sometimes be seen in another mail program or through the permissions of another person.


Share an entire mailbox

In order not to have to set the authorizations for each folder separately, the owner of the mailbox requests 'full management' for the other folder on his mailbox. To do so, fill in the form 'Request full management on (functional) mailbox' (log in with your u-number and RU password).

The authorised user will then automatically see the mailbox appear at his own mailbox at the workstation. When using webmail (webmail.ru.nl), the attorney has to switch between mailboxes by clicking on his name in the upper right corner and entering the name of the mailbox he wants to work in in in the input field.

Share one or more mail folders

It is possible to share a mail folder. The person who owns the folder gives a authorization to a colleague. This colleague has to add the folder manually once.

Sharing the folder:

  • Open Outlook and go to your calendar.
  • Give your colleague rights to your account.
    You can grant rights by right-clicking on the mailbox itself (in this case voorbeeld@ru.nl) and then 'Folder permissions'. It is sufficient to select only the 'Show folder' checkbox for the colleague in question.
  • Go to your mail and right-click on the folder you want to share (e.g. 'Inbox'), then choose 'Properties' and the 'Permissions' tab.
  • Next, you have to execute the instruction 'Add another user's mailbox' for the colleague.


Add the mailbox of an other user

After a college has given you permission to see a mailbox, you have to add it one time.
To do this (in the Outlook section Mail) go to the tab 'File'.
Then choose: 'Account settings' -'Account settings' - 'Change' - 'More settings' -  (tab) 'Advanced'  -  'Add'  -  Find the name of your colleague and add it. Click on 'ok' or 'next' or 'complete' or 'close'.
Your colleague's name and folder will now appear under your folders in the left bar of your Outlook mail.

Share contacts

Go to Contacts. On the ribbon choose “Share contacts” if you want the other person to only be able to view your contacts. If the person you are sharing contacts with should be able to do more than just view (you may want to give that person writing rights), go to “My contacts” and right click “Contacts”, then click “Properties” and select the tab “Permissions”.


Share a calendar

Settings to share your calendar can be found here.