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Multi Factor Authentification (MFA)

What is MFA?

MFA stands for Multi Factor Authentication. This means that you log in with something you know (your username and password) and something you have (an app on your smartphone for example). You can compare this with the login methods banks use for online banking.

Why MFA?

We use more and more services with sensitive data, for example HR, grade entry systems, student information systems, applications with sensitive research data or privacy-sensitive information. These services increasingly require stronger forms of login than what you know as a user: just username and password. After verifying username and password, you confirm your identity with an additional step: the second factor (something you have). This can be done via SMS, a smartphone app or a so-called token. Only then are you logged in. Thus, the information is extra secure.

MFA for Microsoft 365

With the introduction of Microsoft 365, you need MFA to log in to Microsoft 365 applications. For more information, see Multi Factor Authentication for MFA.

MFA for teachers

Teachers use MFA to digitally sign grades in Osiris. You can read more about this at: Electronically Signing in Osiris (Dutch).

ICT Helpdesk for Faculty MFA Contact Persons

The Faculty MFA contact persons, also called Registration Authorities, can contact the ICT Helpdesk (024-36 22222) with questions, for example, requesting yubikeys.