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Electronic signing in Osiris (teachers)

To make the input of test results, by teachers, in Osiris extra secure, the university uses 'electronic signing'. The moment a lecturer wants to sign test results in Osiris, the system asks for verification to confirm his/her identity by means of MFA.

After electronic signing, the results are immediately established - without intervention of the faculty's education administration - and therefore immediately visible to the student in OSIRIS-Student.

Radboud University employees can sign electronically in two ways:

  • TIQR code scanning with your smartphone
  • Alternative: Yubikey token

RadboudUMC employees use the Microsoft Aunthenticator Application on their phone. Click here for more information (Dutch).

Scan TIQR code with your smartphone

Electronic signing is done by scanning a so-called TIQR code with a smartphone.

Alternative: Yubikey

For teachers who do not have a smartphone, there is a YubiKey token as an alternative. The YubiKey is a usb-stick that you plug into your computer/laptop and use to electronically sign. The YubiKey is provided free of charge once. If you lose the YubiKey, you must purchase a new one yourself via the ICT Helpdesk.

One-time registration

Are you a teacher? In order to use electronic signing, you need to Registration for MFA (TIQR en Yubikey), the Registration Authorities. For this you will receive a call.