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Registration for MFA (TIQR en Yubikey)

Register, identify and set up

To use electronic signing in Osiris, it is necessary to register and identify yourself once. You will receive a call for this registration and corresponding identification.

The initial registration and identification takes about 5 minutes and is performed by the project in cooperation with the faculty. Teachers who are newly employed by Radboud University can contact the  'Facultaire contactpersoon MFA' of their faculty for the registration and identification.

Important to know:

  • Do yourself: Before you can identify yourself, it is necessary to register in advance. This is explained under the heading: Teacher: perform before your identity is established.
  • Do yourself:Install the tiqr app for iOS or Android using one of the links below:
    Apple-store icon Google-Play-Store icon:
    Apple-store icoonGoogle-Play-Store icoon 
    You can also search for the tiqr app in the app store. In that case, make sure you install the tiqr app published by SURF.
  • Provide a valid ID.
  • The last 6 digits of the identification number of your identity document will be recorded, the purpose being that the entire registration process must be auditable.
  • The identification takes place, after appointment, face-to-face or via a video connection.
  • During the identification appointment you will be assisted in setting up the app (TIQR) or the YubiKey.
  • If you as a teacher have lost your phone or Yubikey or you have a new phone and therefore cannot sign grades digitally, please contact your 'Facultaire contactpersoon MFA'. This will remove your previous registration in the system. To do this, however, you must again identify yourself to the contact person of your faculty.

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Teacher: perform before your identity is established

Perform the steps below before you have an appointment to establish your identity:

  1. Open an incognito web browser (Internet Edge, Chrome, Firefox), in Chrome press the key combination to do so: Ctrl-Shift-N
  2. Type in the address bar https://sa.surfconext.nl
  3. Search for Radboud University and click on...1
  4. Log in with your Radboud username and password2
  5. Click on the blue bar "Continue to SURFSecureID Registration Portal".
  6. On the next screen you will see two options: TIQR and Yubikey. Choose TIQR to sign digitally with your smartphone later in Osiris-Docent, or choose Yubikey if you picked up a Yubikey from your 'Facultaire contactpersoon MFA'.



  1. Click on the blue <Select> button.
  2. Click on the blue button <Register with TIQR>.
    Download the TIQR app for iOS or Android on your phone, then scan the QR code that appears on your own screen as shown in the example below.2b
  3. On Surfnet's webpage you will see the instructions below appear, follow them.
  4. Choose <OK> in the TIQR app to register a new TIQR account.
  5. Next, choose a PIN for the TIQR app that you can remember well, it must be entered 2x.
  6. Before proceeding with the activation of the TIQR account, your email address must be verified. Confirm the email you received by clicking on the link in the email, it has the subject: "Token registration: confirm your email address".
  7. Now that the token is registered in the TIQR app, the token will still need to be activated by a contact person from your Faculty, the so-called Registration Authority . Do this within 14 days after registration. Please make an appointment for this.

Account Account

  1. Follow the administrator's instruction, and choose <Account Activate> or <Account Activate> on your phone when you see a notification from the TIQR app appear.
    Choose <OK> to activate the account, as shown in the example below:

  2. The account is now activated and ready for use.




  1. Follow the steps on the screen
  2. A verification mail will be sent, go to your mailbox.
  3. Go to the email message from SURFnet, and click on the link provided.
  4. Look up Radboud University and click on it
  5. Login with your Radboud-credentials
  6. You have received an activation code, it is valid for 1 day
  7. Bring the activation code with you to the appointment with your faculty contact person. The activation code will be used to activate your Yubikey.


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