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MFA for Microsoft 365 applications

Because the Microsoft 365 applications allow you to access our files and information from any device with an internet connection, it is particularly important that you authenticate as an (external) Radboud University employee or student when logging in. You do this with your username and password in combination with a second login method via a mobile phone.

When do I need MFA?

  • The extra login method will be asked when you log in for the first time with your new Radboud University account to an M365 app, like for example Teams and OneDrive, but also Word or Excel.
  • When you are logged in with the extra login method it will remain valid as long as you keep working with the same device. This allows you to open the M365 apps without having to log in again. When using the online Microsoft 365 services in a browser, you will be asked for a login and additional authentication the first time you use the browser.
  • When you log in on a different device or in a different browser, you will be asked for a second login again.
  • The second login method also applies to your mobile devices, including the mobile apps.
  • The second login method applies both at home and on campus. Regardless of location or device, when you log in for the first time with your new account, you will be prompted for a second sign in method.

Set up MFA when you have your new Radboud account

Immediately after installing Microsoft 365 on your workstation, go to portal.office.com to set up MFA. This will prevent you from opening an app later and having to go through the steps for additional security verification at an inconvenient time.

MFA will not affect your current password

If you want to reset or change your password, you can do this in the usual way at https://account.ru.nl/PasswordReset/ or at https://account.ru.nl/passwordchange.

No phone available for MFA

You do not have a Radboud University phone or the possibility to use your own phone for MFA? Click here for information about a hardware token.

Change your login method

It is possible to change the chosen login method afterwards, for example when you change your smartphone. Click on the following link: https://mysignins.microsoft.com/security-info or see page 12 of the manual (Dutch).