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Who can use Zoom?

Zoom is an online meeting tool and is available for anyone to use.

For Radboud University a Radboud license has been purchased which is available for both students and employees. If you register with your @ru.nl e-mail address you will automatically make use of this Radboud licence. This allows you to create Zoom meetings with a maximum of 300 participants and an unlimited duration. A big advantage of this licence is that all security options are well configured and Zoom is managed by ISC.

Which licences are available?

  • Radboud licence - Required for students and staff who are initiators of a meeting. With the Radboud license an online consultation is possible up to 300 people, certain security options are set by the university. Recording sessions is possible. You are hereby bound to the AVG, at your own responsibility.
    Invitees do not need an additional licence.
    The university has some Large Meetings/Webinar licences.
  • Basic licence (private use)- Sufficient for the initiator of talks with one person (length unlimited) or talks with up to 3 persons and a duration of 40 minutes. You can activate an account yourself on the Zoom website with your private email address. This licence is not managed by ISC.

How do I activate a Radboud licence?

Attention: do not use the same password as for your RU account!

You can activate the Radboud license on the Zoom site with your @ru.nl email address. See manual

Zoom will send you an e-mail indicating that your e-mail address is associated with the RU domain and asking for a confirmation. After activating your Zoom account you log off. The next time you log in the licence will be available. At that time your Zoom account will follow the standard Radboud settings.

Recording sessions is possible. You are hereby bound to the AVG, at your own responsibility.

How long does it take to get a Radboud license?

Your Radboud license will work after you have activated your Zoom account, logged out and logged in again.

How long can I use Zoom with the Radboud license?

The licence for Zoom for the university is valid until 22 January 2023.

I have my own Zoom licence, can I switch?

@ru.nl or @student.ru.nl
You can switch if you have purchased a licence on your @ru.nl or @student.ru.nl e-mail address. The first time you log in to Zoom you will be asked if you want to join the Radboud licence. You choose: 'Join the Account' and 'Refund to me'.

Your account will then be automatically linked and your remaining balance will be refunded to the credit card you used to purchase your license. You will then see a page with the amount to be refunded.

If your e-mail address does not end in @ru.nl but in @XXX.ru.nl, you cannot automatically switch to the ZOOM Radboud licence. Please send a request to the ICT Helpdesk: icthelpdesk@ru.nl. They will arrange your Radboud licence.

Do you have an account on a private mail address, for example @gmail.com, then it is not possible to switch to the Zoom Radboud license.  The best thing to do then is to create an account on your @ru.nl email address and you will automatically get a basic Radboud license.

General information about linking accounts can be found on the Zoom website.
How do I change the email on my account.

What are the costs?

The Radboud license has been purchased in relation to the Corona measures. The costs are not passed on.

How can I see which Zoom version I have?

If you are logged into Zoom, you can check which version you have.

Click on the button on the far right, then Help, then About Zoom.

What is the latest Zoom version?

It is best to go to Zoom's download page: https://zoom.us/download to find out what the latest version of Zoom Client for Meetings is.

If necessary, you can also download the latest version for your private computer and install it there.

Important: Keep Zoom up to date

Zoom is a very dynamic product and is constantly adding extra features. If you don't update Zoom regularly, you'll quickly get out of step.

For your private computer, you can download the latest version of Zoom here

Radboud computers/laptops use the Software Center to install Zoom and are then automatically kept up-to-date. It is important that the computer/laptop is connected to the Radboud network (e.g. via VPN) and is rebooted regularly (once a week is advisable).

What should I take into account regarding security and privacy?

  • Never use online meeting tools, including Zoom, to discuss privacy-sensitive matters. Discuss privacy-sensitive matters by phone.
  • Share documents in workgroup folders or Surfdrive (Staff - students) . Do not store any data in Zoom.
  • NEVER use your Radboud password for your ZOOM account.
  • Do not link your Outlook calendar to ZOOM.
  • Be conscious when turning your microphone and camera on and off.
    Only turn the microphone and camera on during consultations.

What security options are included with the Radboud licence?

  • Sharing and downloading of documents and files is turned off.
  • Audio and video are switched off at start-up, you can switch them on yourself.
  • All consultations are password protected.

Do I have to turn on my eduVPN connection if I use Zoom?

For the picture quality it is better to work without eduVPN connection.

Can Zoom be used in education?

Zoom can be used in education if one works with a Radboud license. The standard guidelines must be followed and there are several additional guidelines. Also look at the site of TLC for Available video tools for different methodes.

How do I request an extra Large Meetings/Webinar licence?

The university has Large Meetings/Webinar licences up to 500 participants and Large Meetings licences up to 1000 participants. If you would like to use these, you can submit a request to the Helpdesk: icthelpdesk@ru.nl.

I want to know more about online meetings in general

Go to; More information about online meetings and chatting