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Quick Access to work group folders

In order to gain quicker access to files in certain work group folders, you can drag these to ‘Quick Access’ (Windows 10) or ‘Favorites’ (Windows 7) in the Explorer. Please follow these steps to do so:

  1. In the Explorer, click ‘wrkgrp’, which will display all work group folders you have access to.
  2. Select the work group folders you make frequent use of:Naamloos-3

  3. Use the left mouse button to drag these to ‘Quick Access’ (Windows 10) or ‘Favorites’ (Windows 7).
  4. The different work group folders are now directly listed under ‘Quick Access’ (Windows 10) or ‘Favorites’ (Windows 7).

    If you click on a work group folder you’ve dragged to ‘Quick Access’ (Windows 10) or ‘Favorites’ (Windows 7), opening and saving files will be significantly faster now, in case the performance of the RU file system is low.

Please notice: Do not change the name of the work group folder under 'Quick access' or 'Favorites'.