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Sending encrypted files with FileSender

FileSender is available to employees and students.
Goal: sending large files
How to use: Can be used right away via: https://www.surffilesender.nl/en. Click ‘Log on to SURFfilesender’ and enter your u- or s-number and password.

To use encryption for added security, tick the ‘encryption’ box on the upload page. Come up with a key (password) and contact the receiver after uploading and sending your files to pass on the key. We advise you do this via a different channel than e-mail, for example by telephone or SMS. As soon as the receiver enters this key they can download the files. The encryption and decryption of files is done by the browser during uploading and downloading. Additional software is not necessary.

Warning: to use encryption your upload has to be less than 2 GB.