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Software for your work computer

SoftwareSoftware for a managed (by ISC) Windows workstation

There is an extensive software package available for your work computer, you'll find it in the software overview.

  • Part of this software - depending on your faculty or department - is installed on each computer by default.
  • You can install some of the software packages yourself from the 'Software Center'.
  • Those who are authorised can apply for software that involve costs (application forms).
  • If you want software installed on your workstation that is in the software overview but not in the Software Center, please contact the ICT Helpdesk to have it installed on your computer.

Software on unmanaged workstations / private devices

As an employee you can buy software at a reduced price at Surfspot. You log in to Surfspot (click the British flag) with your RU account: u-number, combined with the RU password.

Free internet security software

logo surfspot thumbnailRadboud University staff members and students can download F-secure for free on Surfspot. F-secure is internet security software that protects against viruses, Trojan horses, and ransomware.

You can download SPSS (Windows, Apple, Linux software including license code) and Endnote (Apple, Windows) from Surfspot for €3.75 per year.


Endnote via the ICT Helpdesk

You can request Endnote via the ICT Helpdesk via your RU-email. Please send an email to icthelpdesk@ru.nl. Specify the package and whether it's for a Windows or Apple device. They will send you the software for free via a packed file (you can unpack it with 7-zip https://www.7-zip.org/). The mail also describes the steps to follow to install the software.


Activate Atlas.ti version 9 (free)

Atlas.ti is a software programme for analysing qualitative data. Learn more about Atlas.ti and the installation. See activating Atlas.ti (login required).


Other Software

Some of the other software in the software overview (refers to another website) can also be used on non-managed workstations. Contact the ICT Helpdesk if you want to know how to get that software installed on your workstation.