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Software Center

You can use the Software Center to (un)install software on your own workstation.

How to start Software Center

In the search function on the taskbar, type 'software center':


Click on the name 'Software Center 'or on' Open ':


How to search for software in the Software Center

You can search for software by name or category. To search by name, enter the name of the package in the search box (top right) in the initial screen. To search by category, click one of the options that appear when you click the ‘Filter’ icon. Click ‘Sort by’ to search by publisher or issue date.

Click on the name of a package to view more information about that package.

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How to install software from the Software Center

To install software, click on the package and then select 'Install.' Follow the instructions on the screen.

You can follow the progress of the installation by clicking on 'Installation status' (navigation menu on the left-hand side of the initial screen). Under 'Installation status' you will also find an overview of software that you have previously installed.