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Instructions for RU-Connect Mac

To use RU-Connect for macOS, use the program WinShortCutter. This converts Windows shortcuts into macOS shortcuts, so you can see your workgroup folders. During the installation of RU-Connect you will be asked once to execute WinShortCutter.

In order to access your files outside the campus, it is necessary to establish a VPN connection. RU-Connect indicates when this is necessary. You can find out how to do this at: www.ru.nl/vpn.


Download, install and open RU-Connect and follow the steps below.

  • Make sure that all Internet Available, Within RU Network, WinShortCutter circles are marked. If this is not the case, RU-Connect will not function properly.
  • Enter your RU-User Name (Example: U123456) and the corresponding RU-Password and click on 'Login'. (Fig. 1)
  • Once logged in, a new window will appear, click on the desired folder that you want to open. (Fig. 2)

Figure 1:


Figure 2: