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Take control of your RU computer (Windows)

Do you want to take over your RU workplace on a Windows computer? Follow the stept below.

In advance

Taking over the workstation

Once you have done the above, take over the workplace as follows:

  • Press the start menu and type the following:

English Windows: Connection to remote desktop
English Windows: Remote Desktop Connection

Note: you do not always see a search window. The moment you press the start menu you can start typing. Windows will automatically open the search window.


  • Enter the IP address of the computer in the Computer input field


  • Click on Show Options

You can now enter a username, fill in your username followed by @ru.nl. For example: U123456@ru.nl


  • Now click on Save

The next time you start up Remote Desktop Connection, you will no longer need to enter your IP address and username.

Note: nothing happens when you press Save! You won't get a confirmation, the data is saved.

  • Click on Connect and fill in your RU password.

If you get a warning that the identity cannot be verified, you can click on the check mark 'Don't ask me again for connections to his computer'.
Then choose Yes.


Using multiple screens

If you have multiple screens in your home desktop and want to use them you can open 'Remote Desktop Connection' or 'Connect to remote desktop' again.

Now press Show Options again if you don't see all the options yet.

Go to the Display tab and check the checkbox: Use all my monitors for the remote session.

Now go back to the General tab and click Save.

You can now connect to the workstation again, you will now see that all screens are being used.


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