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Take control of your RU workplace on a Mac

Do you want to take control of your RU workplace on a Mac?
Follow the steps below.

Before you start

Taking control of the workplace

Once you have done the above, take control of the workplace in the following way:

  • Start Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 and click 'Add PC'.
    afbeelding 1
  • Under PC name, enter the IP address of the workplace.
    Enter the name 'workplace' under 'friendly name'.
    afbeelding 2
  • Click Add.
    You then return to the main screen and can click on 'Workplace'. You will be asked to log in. Fill in your RU data as follows:
    • Username: RU\U number (so: RU\u123456)
    • Password: the password of your RU account
      afbeelding 3
  • A warning will appear on the screen, which you can ignore by clicking 'Continue'.
    Afbeelding 4

You are now connected to your workplace. You can disconnect by hovering your mouse to the top left corner and clicking on the red cross.

The next time you launch Microsoft Remote Desktop 10, all you have to do is click on ‘workplace’ and log in to connect.