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eduVPN Frequently asked questions

Questions about eduVPN? On the SURF website you will find information about eduVPN, including the Frequently Asked Questions.

Questions specifically related to eduVPN at Radboud University can be found below.


What specifications do I need to fill in when I install the app?
Institute: Radboud University

  1. Enter your u-, s, or e-number
  2. Authorize Surf connect
  3. Give permission again
  4. Country: Netherlands

I want to replace my old VPN version (shrewsoft) with eduVPN?

  • If you have your own workstation/device (not at Radboud University): remove the old Shrewsoft VPN software and install eduVPN. Then follow the steps as they are described on the SURF site in the general manual.
  • If you have a Radboud-managed workstation, you cannot remove the old Shrewsoft VPN software yourself; IT will do this automatically. eduVPN is already present on your managed workstation. You can use it immediately.

What are the costs of eduVPN?

None, apart from your costs for e.g. mobile data

I'm having connection problems!

It is possible that eduVPN is unable to establish a connection.

  • Is it Monday night? Then SURF runs security updates. Wait a few minutes and try again.
  • Check SURF's Twitter account to see if eduVPN has a malfunction.
  • Close eduVPN and then restart it.
  • Switch off the 'normal' internet connection and then on again.
  • Restart the computer.

What is the session duration of eduVPN?

Once you have established an eduVPN connection, you can use it for 12 hours. Twelve hours after you started the session, the eduVPN connection will be disconnected for security reasons. The eduVPN client will ask you for your username and password so you can make a new eduVPN connection.

How does eduVPN work?

Once you have installed eduVPN, open the installed eduVPN application and set up a VPN connection via the 'Secure Internet' or 'Institute Access' section. All your actions on the internet are via this secure VPN connection. You can disconnect the VPN connection yourself if necessary. After 12 hours your connection is automatically disconnected.

Why does the university recommend working with VPN?

If you use a public wifi network, it is wise to use a secure eduVPN connection. On a public wifi network, every person in this network can easily intercept, read and adapt all your internet traffic. For example, you can withdraw money from your bank account, hack into your email or Facebook and steal your personal data. This is not a theoretical danger, but a method that criminals are increasingly using.

Why can I only access certain programs like Bass with VPN?

Some applications are, based on the data present in the application, classified in such a way that they can only be accessed outside the campus with a VPN connection. It is very likely that in the future more applications from outside the campus, can only be accessed with VPN.

I want to know more about Multi factor Authentication (MFA)