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Working from home, Frequently Asked Questions


Authorised persons

Where can I find the list with my authorised persons?
Turn on eduVPN and look in Topdesk for the authorised persons list.



I have received a letter that my e-number account is expiring
Are you a working student? Please contact the campus employment office: 024 - 36 55 999 (and not the ICT Helpdesk as stated in the letter)

Are you a course participant? Contact In'to Languages.

Are you a guest employee? Please contact an RBS administrator.



I want to use multiple displays.

  • Click your right mouse button on the desktop and choose Display settings.
  • Select: Multiple displays expand desktop. Then select Save changes.

More information on the use of multiple displays.



I cannot access my RU files.

  1. Check the eduVPN connection (More on this: VPN)
  2. Check the statuses on RU-Connect (More on this: RU-Connect)



Create an online meeting from your own device and not from the remote desktop. If you still want to use a remote desktop, follow these steps.

I have no sound on my computer during a remote session

  1. In the settings of the relevant connection (remote session), select local devices such as: microphone, sound and/or camera before establishing a connection with the remote computer.
  2. Check if the right devices are selected and activated on your own computer. 
    See also: https://support.microsoft.com/nl-nl/help/4520288/windows-10-fix-sound-problems


Online meetings

Where can I find information about online meetings?
Link: generalZoom FAQ

I have a bad connection during online meetings
It is best if you switch the eduVPN connection off and participate in the online meeting directly from your home computer.
See also: Online meeting, chat

More on this: sound during remote session


Remote desktop / External desktop - not accessible

If you turned off the remote desktop at the end of the remote session, you need to contact the ICT Helpdesk. They can turn on the computer remotely so you can access it again.
If possible, 'disconnect' the computer when leaving instead of shutting it down.



Does Radboud University have anti RSI software?
You can use the program Workrave.



How do I start TeamViewer?

  • Go to TeamViewer and
  • When setting up, grant permission for everything, so you can be properly assisted.


VPN / eduVPN

Link: general

VPN is having difficulty making a connection

Try the following options:

  1. Terminate the task in Task Manager and restart the VPN connection.
  2. Use eduVPN instead of the old VPN clients. First remove the old VPN clients and then install eduVPN

VPN error notification on macOS:

The operation couldn't be completed. (eduVPN.AppCoordinatorError error 12.)

  • Delete the 'Radboud University' VPN profile in the macOS app (select the profile and then the '-' button at the bottom left)
  • Open your browser and log into 'https://ru.eduvpn.nl'
  • In the app, go to ‘institute access’, select "Radboud University" and log in.
  • It should work again.



Webcam is black
Check the following points:

  1. Make sure your webcam is not covered. With a slider, for instance.
  2. Make sure you have selected the right webcam. The webcam on the computer at the other location is often selected during remote sessions.
    See also: No sound on my remote computer
  3. Please check this site to test all settings: https://nl.webcamtests.com/



My WiFi is not working properly
WiFi quality depends on your home situation. The provider, the degree of use in the house, and other things influence this. ISC can do nothing about this. You should contact your internet provider if you have issues.