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Working from home due to corona measures

Many colleagues and students regularly work at home. If possible, use your Radboud laptop/computer. This is equipped with the latest security updates.

Having problems?

Check the faults and maintenance messages on the homepage of the ICT facilities if it is a known problem. If necessary, contact the ICT Helpdesk.


Find out if you need eduVPN or not and if so, the instructions for eduVPN . On SURF's site you will find, among other things, the general manuals,  .

Working safely

There are a number of points about working safely that are important to consider:

  • Do not share your passwords with anyone - not even colleagues who are elsewhere.
  • Make sure your private device is equipped with good security software. Employees and students can download the internet security package F-secure for free via surfspot.nl.
  • It is important that updates are carried out on your (private) device because this also makes your device 'safer'. Keep your workplace up-to-date.
  • Use Radboud facilities to share files and send a link instead of a file.

More information can be found at: Information security and #WORKSAFELY.

Online meetings and chat

There are various (free) options for online meetings. Check here for more information.

Want to know which tools are available per type of education? Take a look at the Radboud Teaching and Learining Centre, all tools.

E-mail (webmail, no eduVPN needed)

Software is available for employees and students at a very reduced rate from Surfspot (refers to another website). With webmail, you can read your mail on your device (laptop/computer/smartphone/tablet). Read more about alternative mail programs.

Would you like to open another mailbox to which you normally have access? Then click on your own 'naam@ru.nl - Open another mailbox' in the top right corner and enter the name of the other mailbox.
Webmail can be opened on a computer/laptop, tablet and telephone.

Open, edit and save files with RU-Connect (eduVPN needed)

If you want approach  your files from your laptop or desktop at home you need the program RU-Connect. Your workplace-pc does not have to be switched on. Click on the option that applies to you below. Then choose Run and follow the instructions.

Need software?

Software can be purchased for employees and students at a very reduced rate from Surfspot (click on the Englisch flag).

Call forwarding

You can forward your landline phone to your home phone or mobile. Forwarding instructions.

Working from home for externals

Do you have an e-number and want to work from home? Via the Accountportal you can request access to VPN. We aim to arrange this access within 24 hours. Then you can access your files with RU-connect. It is not possible to take over your Radboud workplace with an e-number.

Take over the pc-workstation (alternative, eduVPN necessary)

In order to take over your pc-workplace, your workplace PC must be on. You can also take over a workstation PC on your private laptop/computer.
Only use this option if an application (e.g. SPSS) is installed on your workstation that is not available via a web browser. For e-mail and other such applications this is not necessary.

It is not possible to take over your Radboud workplace with an e-number.

ICT Helpdesk

On the site ICT Facilities you will find notifications about service interruptions and maintenance.

Need help? Contact the ICT Helpdesk.

  • E-mail: icthelpdesk@ru.nl. Send an E-mail with your question and your phone number so you can be called.
  • Chat: use the chatbox on this page
  • Phone number: 024 36 22222. It is possible that there are longer waiting times. You can also e-mail your problem, if you leave your phone number colleagues from the ICT Helpdesk will call you back.