Identity Management versus RU account versus Account portal

Radboud University conducts an Identity Mangement program which ensures that every person should be able to use one or more of the ICT facilities at the right time. That is, the person receives an Radboud account at the time it was recorded by one of the central departments of the university and that it is automatically closes when the agreement with the Radboud Univerisity has ended (life cycle management).

Your Radboud account is a personal account which offers you access tot a great number of Radboud facilities. Generally employees and students gain access to the most facilities. Guests on the other hand will only have access to a few facilities. They have to request for access to a certain RU facility before they gain access. These requests can be made through the Accountportal. When a certain facility isn't available through the Accountportal you have to make your request via your (responsibl)e manager.

Requests made through the Accountportal will first be approved by a responsible manager. After approval the request wil be excecuted automatically. As it is selfservice you can follow the status of your request through the Accountportal by login in. At this moment only requests can be maid to gain access to a certainnumber of facilities. In the near future this Accountportal will be the central place for all your ICT facilities.

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There are different support officers on call for different type of accounts. So have a good look down below before you contact a support officer.

Are you a Student (S-number);
Please contact the student information desk via:

Are you an Employee (U-number);
Please contact the ICS support desk via:

Do you want to know more about the Radboud Identity and Access Management, please contact the IAM administrators via;


Are you a Guest (E-number of Z-number) and do you have questions over;

1. Access to Brightspace?
Please contact the Brightspace officer via: 

2. Access to the In'to Languages website?
Please contact In'to Languages via:

3. Other Radboud-account Questions?
Please contact your local support officer via: