Account disablement

For every type of RU-account there are different rules on which moment this account will be disabled. 42 days and 7 days before disablement the user will be informed of this upcoming event by email. It is possible that this event is not correct so you can act before it's too late. When this is the case you need to contact your support officer. This will depend on the type account you have. In the column next to this article you'll find a list of support officers per type of account.

From the moment that your account has been disabled you won't be able to access your RU-account and its central facilities as email, blackboard, portal, etc. On the other hand your account will be available in the different systems for another half year before they will be deleted. For example emails send to you will be received by you without knowing. It's important that you put a forward or an out of office message on your account before disablement. Next to that it's possible to export all your emails so you can use them in another email program. If you want your emails to be exported, please contact the ICT Helpdesk (024-36 22222).

Support for:

Students (S-nummer);

Employee (U-nummer);

  • Please contact your HR officer. Your department secretary can inform you if necessary.

Guest (E-nummer);

  • Contact the secretariat of your faculty or department (or if applicable with Campus Detachering).

Course participant  (E-nummer);

  • Contact the secretariat of your faculty or department.

Radboudumc guest lecturers, course participants and hospital staff  (Z-nummer);

Functional accounts (F-nummer);

  • Please contact the IdM support officer at: