The activation code

The activation code has been generated automatically and is valid for only 7 days. Thereafter, it is no longer to be used, and you must request for a new one. This activation code cannot be used to log on central RU facilities. It should be activated first. This activation involves changing the activation code into a personal password that meets the password policy RU .

How do I get the activation code ?
With every registration of a new RU account an activation code will be generated and sent by email. These emails are sent to an external emailaddress that you provided. For students this will be their studielink emailaddress.

If you have not received an activation code, or you've lost it ? Please contact one of the local support officers.

How do I activate my RU account ?
The emails you have received, containing the activation code and user name, explain how you can activate your RU account.

Tip : If you have set your personal password, please login at the Account portal and register the difficult questions and an external email address. Data are needed to help you retrieve your password yourself if you forgot your password.