IMAPP Award (3th and 4th year PhD students) for Scientific Communication IMAPP

Date of news: 8 December 2022

We welcome applications for the third edition of the “IMAPP Award for
Scientific Communication”, to recognize excellence in scientific
communication. Previous prize recipients are Alicia Castro with her
presentation “Knitting Quantum Spacetimes”
and Stijn Cambie with his presentation “Smiles from Tiles”.

The award is open to all 3rd and 4th year PhD students who have not won the
prize before, and consists of the opportunity to present an IMAPP colloquium
and a €750 cash prize.

The communication of our results to our peers and society at large is a
fundamental part of our role as scientists. The aim of this award is to recognize
the efforts and excellence of scientific communication that takes place within
IMAPP, in particular from those undertaking PhD research. This award will be
judged on the ability of the applicants to effectively inform other
mathematicians, astronomers and physicists about the nature of their research, and its contribution to our broader understanding of science.

Application procedure Interested PhD students should apply by sending a one-page summary of their research and a short CV describing their activities while a PhD student at IMAPP (such as talks presented at conferences or seminars, publications, awards, scholarships and extracurricular activities). The application should be sent to with the subject line “IMAPP Award for Scientific Communication” by 23 December 2021.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to present their research to the committee
in January 2023. Previous applicants indicated that they enjoyed this very
much and learned a great deal from each other: both scientifically and
communication-wise. The committee will select a winner and any highly
commended finalists. The winner will present their colloquium and be awarded
the prize during an IMAPP colloquium.

The committee consists of members from each IMAPP department with the
current representatives Riccardo Cristoferi (Math), Andrew Levan (Astro) and
BĂ©atrice Bonga (HEF).