PhD Information

IMAPP employs on average 75 PhD candidates. Every research department has room for their own PhD candidates. IMAPP is committed to provide excellent supervision and support to each candidate. For open job opportunities, check out the Vacancies page.

On this page you can find information about the PON PhD Organisation Nijmegen, Research Data Management, and Doctorate Regulations for PhD candidates.

PON PhD Organisation Nijmegen

The PhD Organisation Nijmegen or PON is the consultative body for all PhD candidates at the Radboud University and Radboud UMC in Nijmegen. PON is managed by Nijmegen PhD candidates and is your first contact point for all matters related to doing your PhD. More information can be found on the website of PON PhD Organisation Nijmegen.

Research Data Management

The Research Data Management (RDM) policy helps to make conscious decisions about research data and keeping data safe. It also encourages open science and enables the reuse of data. Each research institute of Radboud University has further elaborated its own RDM policy and how the RDM requirements, findability and accessibility, can be met. Researchers should consult the IMAPP RDM policy (pdf, 44 kB) and, if needed, contact the institutional data steward, which for IMAPP is Andrew Levan.

Doctorate Regulations

The doctorate regulations contains guidelines for obtaining a doctorate at Radboud University. Every PhD candidate at Radboud University must comply with the Doctorate Regulations.

PhD bonus

Regulations update 30 Aug 2022.
To encourage PhDs to finish their theses in time, a PhD promotion bonus of € 1500 has been set up by IMAPP. To be eligible for the PhD promotion bonus, you must meet the following rules:

  • The manuscript needs to be approved by the PhD supervisor and submitted to the reading committee within four years. The PhD supervisor will send an email to the director and managing director of IMAPP about the submission of the thesis to the reading committee.

IMPORTANT: please take into account that it is compulsory to check your manuscript for plagiarism. This check will take three working days. Subsequently, the report is send to the PhD supervisor for review. After approval of the PhD supervisor, the manuscript can be submitted to the reading committee. The submission of the manuscript to the reading committee needs to be done within four years.

  • The manuscript needs to be approved by the reading committee, the defense needs to take place at the Radboud University
  • Inform the managing director about the date of the defense
  • The bonus will be paid after the defense
  • In case of a part-time appointment, the duration is extended proportionally

Printing costs

We receive often questions about Thesis printing costs, here you can find all information