The research Institute for Mathematics, Astrophysics and Particle Physics (IMAPP) conducts fundamental research in mathematics, astrophysics and high energy physics with a focus on interdisciplinary topics. Our renowned research is mostly performed within National and International collaborations. The Bachelor and Master courses provided by our staff are coupled to the IMAPP research themes.


IMAPP is organized in three research departments:


The experimental groups of IMAPP make use of leading national and international observatories and large infrastructures. In addition, IMAPP houses two optical telescopes and a radio interferometer which are used for educational activities and to encourage public participation.

Publications and PhD dissertations

IMAPP publishes in a variety of peer reviewed scientific journals. On the platform Radboud Repository you can find Publications as well as PhD Dissertations of our researchers.


Research of Astrophysics is concentrating on the subject of high-energy astrophysics. The Universe forms a physics laboratory, in which events take place which cannot be recreated here on Earth and which are settled at the edge or even beyond the edge of our knowledge of physics. Exploring this edge and understanding how highly energetic astrophysical phenomena are caused and affect their surroundings is the main objective.


High Energy Physics

The research department of High Energy Physics performs exciting, cutting-edge theoretical and experimental research in Quantum Fields, Particles and Gravity. Its scientific aim is to uncover the ultimate building blocks of matter, space, and time and the fundamental laws governing their interaction at extremely high energies and short distances, beyond currently established theories.



Mathematics inspires and fascinates, and at the same time makes an enormous contribution to society. The mission of the Mathematics department is to carry out research in mathematics at the highest scientific level. Research is based around Applied Mathematics, Applied Stochastics, Mathematical Physics and Pure Mathematics.