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Advisory bodies

Several internal and external committees are appointed to advise the IMM Board in its deliberations.

Theme Trios

Three members of each research theme (so called theme trios) meet on a regular basis with the IMM Board to discuss any issues related to the IMM, such as management and personnel, hiring, tenure, research strategy and funding applications.

Theme 1: Structure and Dynamics of Molecules, Arno Kentgens

Theme 2: Chemistry of Complex Systems, Prof. Floris Rutjes

Theme 3: Spectroscopy of Quantum Materials, Prof. Alexey Kimel

Group leader lunch

Every month IMM organizes the group leader lunch. Group leaders of IMM research groups can give input or are requested to advice on various subjects.

PhD Panel IMM

IMM has a PhD panel which includes IMM PhD candidates of all three themes: PhD panel IMM (PPIMM). More information on this page

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board advises the IMM Board regarding strategy, positioning, priorities and research themes and programmes.