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Conference sponsoring

Throughout the year IMM scientists attend many conferences, workshops and lectures. The IMM board also encourages scientists to organise activities themselves and therefore provides allowances.


The IMM Board provides allowances for the following activities:

  • 600 € for organising a workshop
  • max. 1000 € for organising a national conference
  • max. 2000 € for organising an international conference

All allowances include VAT.
In exceptional cases the IMM board can decide to deviate from the above mentioned sums.

The following conditions apply:

  • the subject of the conference or workshop should be strongly related to the IMM;
  • the conference or workshop should be beneficial for the IMM image;
  • women should be part of the organizing committee and be on the list of invited lectures;
  • the IMM contribution should be stated in the conference proceedings and other publications.
  • in principle, conferences or workshops organized by NWO, KNAW, KNCV, NNV, Lorentz Center and similar organizations are not eligible.

To apply for financial support, the following information should be sent to the IMM office:

  • Name, date and location of the conference or workshop;
  • The reason why IMM should support this conference or workshop, including the above mentioned conditions and specifying how IMM’s sponsoring will be visualized;
  • Budget.
  • Indication of the number of expected visitors from the IMM and speakers from the IMM.

If all the conditions are fulfilled, the IMM Board will advise the IMM director about the application. The decision of the IMM director will be communicated to the organisers. If the allowance is granted, the financial department will be asked to transfer the money to the department budget.