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Gender & Diversity

Following the policy of the faculty, IMM finds it important to devote attention to gender and diversity policy. The faculty has appointed a committee ‘gender policy’ in 2014. From IMM the following persons are in this committee:

- prof. Herma Cuppen (Theoretical and Computational Chemistry)
- prof. Bas van de Meerakker (Spectroscopy of Cold Molecules)
- prof. Rens Waters (Astrophysics)
- dr. Steffen Wiedman (HFML)

The committee has, among other things, given advice regarding the ways in which the faculty can stimulate more women to work and study at our faculty.
The gender policy contains a number of action points that should help to accomplish this. These points include: more women in the selection committees, a premium of €50.000 for continued research during maternity leave, and targets for achieving a certain percentage of female researchers at the faculty.

See also the Science Faculty Gender and diversity policy.