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IMM templates, logo & affiliation

IMM templates

Below you'll find the IMM templates for your poster- and powerpoint-presentations.
The department C&CZ (Computer & Communicatiezaken) can assist you with the design of your poster.

Contact C&CZ:
Telephone:  +31 24 36 53535
E-mail: postmaster@ru.nl
Web: http://wiki.science.ru.nl/cncz/Contact

IMM logo

This is the IMM logo for your poster- and powerpoint-presentations:

IMM affiliation

It is of high importance that the university and our institute can be linked directly to the scientific papers published by all of us. Therefore the university board requires that the university is mentioned on the first line of the affiliation from now on. To stress the identity of IMM as a research institute we will stop listing departments in the affiliation, only for the HFML and FELIX an exception is made. The affiliation on future papers then becomes:

Author 1, Author 2, ..., and Author 3, Radboud University, Institute for Molecules and Materials,  - visiting address -, Netherlands.
Note that no abbreviations (RU, IMM) are used.

Please make sure that the correct affiliation is used. Many thanks for your collaboration.