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Research Data Management

Adequate management and storage of research data is IMG_8997essential for individual researchers, the scientific community and society. IMM produces a diverse set of data, ranging from the synthesis of molecules and materials, mechanical drawings and software, to state-of-the-art characterisation of material properties and molecular interactions.

The policy of IMM for the production, storage and management of research data is outlined in the data management policy document.

People involved in research data management

  • IMM Director: responsible for implementation of data management at the institute level.
  • Institute data coordinator: responsible for implementation of data management policy throughout the institute and oversees the department data officers. The data steward is also the link between the institute and the university. IMM Data Coordinator: Evan Spruijt
  • Department data officer: the data officer is responsible for their department’s data management. (S)he is appointed by the head of department and compile two data management documents: a data organisation structure and a data management plan. The data officer oversees the implementation of these documents within the department, the training of new members in RDM practices, and the drafting and monitoring of rules for data archiving, security, and version control where needed. Ask the secretary of your department for the department data officer.
  • Your role: ultimately, all researchers in IMM are responsible for the acquisition, documentation and storage of their own research data. To facilitate this process, IMM researchers are asked the following.

Research data management documents

  • Data Organisation Structure: This document summarizes which data is generated by the department, how it is documented, what storage facilities are in place and how these are organized.
  • Data Management Plan: This document outlines the department policies for data storage, making data available and for people joining and leaving the department. These policies should be in line with data management requirements of funding agencies, such as NWO and ERC.

Both documents are updated annually, and are reviewed by the data steward and IMM board to ensure they comply with the data management policy of IMM. They can be made available upon request by the data officer.



Evan Spruit, e.spruijt@science.ru.nl