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Prof. Floris Rutjes 
The director leads the institute and is involved in decisions regarding research, strategic planning and external relations and is accountable to the dean of the Faculty of Science. He or she is chairman of the IMM board.

Managing Director

Ralph Jaspers
The managing director is responsible for the day-to-day management of the institute.

IMM Board

from left to right: Prof. Arno Kentgens, Prof. Alexey Kimel, Prof. Floris Rutjes (Chair), Kevin Venrooij, MSc (PhD representative), Ralph Jaspers (Managing Director & Finances)

The IMM board advices the IMM director on all issues related to the IMM, such as management and personnel, hiring, tenure, research strategy and funding applications. The IMM board tries to stimulate collaboration between the different IMM scientists, but also with other institutes. It looks after the quality of the research and PhD programme and strives for innovation and a sustainable research strategy. The director and managing director are by definition part of the IMM board. The other members of the IMM board are selected by the IMM director, taking care to reflect the composition and research themes of the institute, for a period of four years.

IMM Office

Ralph Jaspers (Head)
Ine Verhaegh-Peeters (Management Assistant) 
Miriam Heijmerink (Communications)
Brigitte Loozen (Website)

The IMM office supports the IMM director and managing director in the day-to-day management of the institute. In addition, the IMM office takes care of website maintenance, communication and public relations, issues related to the PhD graduate school and the organisation of activities like symposia and colloquia.

Confidential Counsellor

Prof. Ger Pruijn, professor in Biomolecular Chemistry, is the confidential counsellor for all PhD candidates, postdocs and staff members of the IMM. If you require this kind of support, do not hesitate to contact the counsellor (or managing director).