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Bachelor & Master studies

IMM is directly involved in Bachelor and Master education in physics and bio(chemistry). The IMM research is most relevant in Molecular Sciences and Physics and Astronomy.


Master specialisations

The Master’s specialisations at the Faculty of Science that match the fundamental research areas of the IMM :

Internship @ IMM

The research field of the IMM is broad, and so are the subjects of related courses and research projects. The behaviour of materials in the strongest magnetic fields on earth, manipulation of single atoms with the tip of an atomic force microscope, the construction of lifelike chemical reaction networks are just a few examples of the multidisciplinary research that is done within the IMM.

By doing an internship at one of our research departments you can experience what it is like to do research. You will work together with top scientists at our institute and make use of our state-of-the-art facilities. our research ranges from fundamental to industrially relevant science and from experimental to theoretical research.

Master students about their internship

Read how former Master students Mathijs Mabesoone and Elze Knol experienced their internship at IMM.

Mathijs Mabesoone                                    Elze Knol
Mathijs Mabesoone:                               Elze Knol:
'The atmosphere in the IMM is great.'    'Developing equipment goes hand in hand
                                                                   with fundamental material research'

Interested in doing an internship at IMM?