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Science & Innovation

Fundamental knowledge is the driving force of innovation. InnovationThe Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM) works closely together with business & industry and social organisations for the application of its fundamental research and to accelerate the process of innovation.

Connecting with Society

Green IT

Driven by societal challenges we perform research in strong collaboration with industry, for example in Green Information Technology.

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Consortium Projects

The research groups of IMM take part in a large number of public-private consortium projects. This enables us to involve the private sector in our research at an early stage, resulting in a direct pathway from science to end product. We work together with many small to medium-sized enterprises (SME) and corporations. An example is COAST - Innovating Analytical Science and Technology.



We actively stimulate scientists to cross the bridge from science to business. IMM has produced many spin-off companies, both regionally and nationally.