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Societal impact

Although fundamentally oriented, IMM contributes to urgent societal problems, like:

Green Information Technology

Predictions are that by 2025, the ICT industry will use 20% of all electricity and IMM Researchemit up to 5.5% of the world’s carbon emission. Working together with industry, we explore fundamentally new ways of data processing and storage, such as single atom data storage and brain-in-spired computing, which will hopefully lead to enormous reductions in energy usage and carbon footprint.

Data analyses

New measuring techniques enable the collection of enormous datasets. Our Data analyses IMMresearchers help to analyse results and draw conclusions from these. Examples are efficiency studies in process technology, health and environ-mental studies. Our researchers can help decide on more effective interventions.

Personalised healthcare

Prescriptions are not always effective; they may not reach the right place or IMM Researchmight not be the best drug to tackle a problem. We work on the development of early-stage drug development and delivery methods, as well as diagnosis. An example is a precise method to identify biomarkers using a unique combination of mass spectrometry and infrared spectroscopy.