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IMM Colloquia & Theme Colloquia

Within the IMM we have IMM broad colloquia as well as theme colloquia which are dedicated to one of the three research themes.

IMM broad colloquia

At the IMM colloquium renowned speakers are invited to present the current state of science in the research themes of our institute. In this way you can get a good understanding of the broadness and variety of the research within IMM. We aim for a mixture of speakers from both inside and outside our institute and the presentations are for an audience of non-specialists.
The IMM colloquium committee consists of:

  • Jeroen Jansen (Analytical Chemistry)
  • Thomas Boltje (Synthetic Organic Chemistry)
  • Britta Redlich (FELIX Users and Operation)
  • Steffen Wiedmann (HFML)
  • Ine Verhaegh (IMM office)

Format of the IMM colloquium:

  • The colloquium is scheduled every fourth Tuesday of the month. Starting time 16:00 hrs. Refreshments will be served at 15.45 hrs.
  • The main presentation of the guest speaker (35 minutes + 10 minutes for questions) will be preceded by a short presentation of an IMM PhD candidate or postdoc (10 minutes + 5 minutes for questions). This provides an additional platform for PhD candidates to present their work and to see that of others.


IMM theme colloquia

The IMM organizes more specialised colloquia for each of the three IMM research themes. The presentations are for a specialists audience. PhD candidates are expected to attend the colloquia organised by their research theme.

Colloquium committee theme 1: Molecular Structure and Dynamics

  • Gilles de Wijs
  • TBA

Colloquium committee theme 2: Chemistry of Complex Systems

  • Peter Korevaar
  • Evan Spruijt

Colloquium committee theme 3: Spectroscopy of Quantum Materials

  • Andrey Bagrov
  • Nadine Hauptmann