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IMM colloquium by prof. Wim van der Zande (ASML) (Lecture)

Tuesday 26 September 2017Add to my calendar
from 16:00
preceding lecture by dr. Jasper Engel, entitled: "Chemometrics for Untargeted Medical Diagnosis"

WimvdZandeASML introduces a new platform in the semiconductor industry making the step from 193 nm to 13.5 nm radiation. Lithography machines image structures from a mask/reticle on silicon wafers.

Lithography is essential in creating the transistors and connections on microchips. The race to ever decreasing structures, typical size now tens of nanometers, also put incredible demands on the mechanic precision: subsequent steps in the process need to be aligned on nanometer precision while mask and wafer move with meters/second. The step to 13.5 nm requires a method to produce copious amounts of 13.5 nm photons,  vacuum, new all reflective lenses, and rethinking resist chemistry. In my talk, I will discuss projects that may relate to IMM interests.

dr. Anouk Rijs