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IMM colloquium February 26 by Tom de Greef: "Development of a DNA-based Molecular Computer" (Lecture)

Tuesday 26 February 2019Add to my calendar
from 16:00
prof. Tom de Greef (Biophysical Chemistry)
Preceding lecture
Zhongfa Sun (Mol. and Laser Physics): "Scattering of Identical Molecules: Imaging CO+CO rotational energy transfer"

Tom de GreefThe next great change in information technology will come from mimicking the strategies by which biological organisms process information. Here we outline the design of a molecular computer based on programmable DNA strand-displacement reactions. We reveal how the speed, scalability and stability of DNA-based molecular circuits can be improved by compartmentalization strategies such as tethering of DNA gates to surfaces or encapsulation in semi-permeable capsules. In addition, we discuss strategies to interface DNA strand displacement circuits with non-nucleic based inputs. Autonomous biomolecular systems with sophisticated signal integration, processing and actuation properties present a unique platform for applications in synthetic biology, biomedicine and molecular diagnostics.