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IMM colloquium May 2019: "Using new tools for getting more information from untargeted chromatographic data" (Lecture)

Tuesday 28 May 2019Add to my calendar
from 16:00
prof. Rasmus Bro (Chemometrics and Analytical Technology, Univ. Copenhagen, Denmark)
Preceding lecture
Anna Gatilova, msc.(SoftCondensed Matter & Nanomaterials)

Rasmus BroIn machine learning, a number of tools have appeared in the last years that seem interesting. Many concepts are quite hyped; such as e.g. deep learning and big data. But many of the new tools are also truly innovative and provide new opportunities.

Rather than trying to apply the new methods on our old problems, we are currently seeking how the new methods can help us solve the problems that chemometric methods have problems with.

Specifically, we will show how we can solve some fundamental problems in regard to analysis of GC-MS data and use machine learning to automate and improve the analysis of such data.

dr. Jeroen Jansen